Matt is a technical sustainability wizard who excels in bringing clarity to literally the most complicated client projects. Gifted in processes, procedures and database management, Matt finds a way to put purpose and context around any problem all while managing diverse stakeholders and making friends along the way.

Matt is an expert user in LCA software suites GaBi and OpenLCA. He has conducted dozens of peer reviewed LCAs and created scores of Environmental Product Declarations along the way.

Prior to becoming a Sustainability Director at WAP Sustainability, Matt worked as a Product Sustainability Manager for Shaw Industries managing the organizations multi-attribute product certifications and lifecycle assessments. Prior to Shaw, Matt was a sustainability consultant for PE International (now thinkstep).

In addition to Matt's technical acumen for all things sustainability, he remains active in his fraternity as a Chapter Adviser for the Chi Phi Fraternity Beta Chapter at Massachusetts Institute for Technologyand serves as a Educational Counselor for the school helping students, parents and guidance counselors through the MIT application process.

Matt hails from the great state of Michigan. He is a multiple dog and cat and a patron of fine craft brews.


Graduate of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology - B.S. in Environmental Engineering Science