What I appreciate most about working with WAP Sustainability is how they manage projects. They manage down to even the smallest detail. One time we had a sustainability audit for a new certification and WAP Sustainability was helping with the data management. Part of that management included picking the auditor up from the airport. They know what they are doing and they do it well.
— Sustainability Manager for a Building Product Company

In addition to our support services, we also take on full LCA projects where we handle the process from beginning to end.

If you are starting on your first LCA project, we jump-start the process by bringing in an experienced team of practitioners.

If you are an experienced practitioner but simply have too many projects on your plate, send some to us at WAP Sustainability and we will help you get caught up.

Our LCA Process:

  • Onsite Project Kickoff meeting to discuss the goal and scope of the project. A plant tour is recommended

  • Collection of raw material data to the disclosure level required in the PCR

  • Raw material assessment and supplier outreach

  • Collection and quality assurance of energy, water, transportation, and waste primary data

  • Development of customer use scenario(s)

  • Development of end of life scenario(s)

  • Development of LCA Model

  • Computation of the Life Cycle Impact results

  • Formal interpretation of the results

  • Completion of an ISO14040/44 compliant LCA report.

  • Submission of the LCA report for third-party review

  • Management of third-party review process through final verification.

WAP Sustainability has the tools to support you in your LCA work and increase your efficiency within the organization. We are partners with all the major program operators (ULe, NSF, SCS, ASTM etc), have Certified ACLCA Life Cycle Assessment Practicioners on staff, and have been approved by the International EPD System (EnvironDec ) as Individual and Systems EPD Verifiers.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your LCA work