A greenhouse gas inventory is a measurement of the carbon emissions generated by your organization. As carbon accountants, we look at all aspects of your company to gather an accurate measurement of your carbon footprint.

Our process follows protocol from the World Resource Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol and we do all of our reporting in an ISO 14064 Compliant manner. Each inventory project includes an Inventory Management Plan (IMP) that defines the process so that each year the inventory can be repeated and improved.  We include scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions in each of our reports. In total, we have measured more than 50 million metric tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalents since 2007.

At WAP Sustainability, our staff has been trained by the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI), and select staff have been certified by EcoCanada as some of the most highly regarded Environmental Professionals in GHG accounting, EP(GHG).

Greenhouse Gas Inventory support for sustainability managers and directors

With so many changes to the sustainability space, I use to spend most of my time keeping track and trying to understand the nuance of every change rather than improving my program. When I brought in WAP Sustainability, my knowledge base improved instantly and I was able to refocus my attention on broadening my sustainability program internally.
— Sustainability Manager for a Fortune 500 Company

A greenhouse gas inventory is a huge undertaking. For a small sustainability team, this task can occupy up to 60% of your time each year.  

Time spent on greenhouse gas inventories is time that you could spend actively involved inside your organization making improvements and reducing your carbon footprint.

We have experience with proprietary and off-the-shelf reporting tools that enable us to accommodate the individual needs of your organization.

Let WAP Sustainability take the Greenhouse Gas Inventory off your plate so you can focus on doing work that makes a lasting impact.